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Nobody but Hopewell actually called me back! Turned out for the best because my therapist here couldn't have been more perfect for me. 


I was searching for months for an experienced and empathetic psychologist who specializes in the treatment of dysfunctional relationships. I finally found Dr. Dave and he is an amazing psychologist. I've been seeing Dr. Dave over the last 15 months. Our therapy sessions includes Dr. Dave's ability to listen, analyze and provide positive solutions so I can grow and become a better person. I'm working through my issues and mistakes. I'm leading a life in a more positive direction and becoming a better person. Dr. Dave is always there for you and he goes the extra mile. Dr. Dave is an inspiration for well being and I highly recommend him for therapy sessions.


Kim has been a lifesaver - my career is back on track, I'm having a better dating life now and I'm just healthier than I've been in forever. Couldn't imagine therapy with anyone else.


10/10 I highly recommend! The best doctors and the most caring staff. Timely return calls and appointments are a breeze to set up.


Very understanding, great service, great rates!! A+ Definately recommend to others seeking counseling services!


Our therapist, Kimberly, has helped our son return to HIMSELF again in just a handful of sessions. We truly appreciate her!


So glad I found this place. Have never even met Dr. Mike in real life with this pandemic happening, but I feel like we really know each other and he is my favorite doctor ever. Don't let this go to your head doc! haha


I have been seeing Doctor Dave for many, many years and he has been the key in me turning my life around. He is the kind of doctor that is extremely rare in that he is down-to-earth, funny, professional, and able to make people feel comfortable enough to be completely open to talking about their issues. He is a gem in the profession. 


Dr. Leibovitz - Seriously he is unique and he actually

cares about his patients. Tough to get an appointment

but its worth trying!"


Thanks for getting us in right away - you cared enough to make room in your schedule because each client is genuinely important at this center.

At least that's my impression. Can't wait to work together.


These guys are just the stuff lol.


Seriously Dr. Deb C. is just the best! Seriously.


Dr Mike - a huge thank you for doing so much for me and being so patient and nice.


I know others here have said it before, but these doctors are different because they are REAL and they actually CARE...Can't say thank you enough for getting my husband and I through the hardest time in our marriage!


I kept seeing counselors that didn't help me and my family with our personal issues. Maybe we were tough cases, I don't know. The staff here is different in that they are all real psychologists. I'm just saying that - for us this difference seems to have made all the difference in the world for me and my family.


You get your doctor's cell phone number! I mean, not that I want to call all the time, but its good to have! These doctors care about 

helping you get better.


Dr. Debbie is the most caring and direct doctor I have ever had. She also has helped me with my anxiety and depression and treats me like a person

and not like a patient. She is the best!


Dr. Leibovitz has helped my husband and I rebuild our Marriage. He is fair, honest, and good at getting through all the nonsense. I highly recommend him for your marriage.


How much more can you ask for than a real doctor to answer the phone when you call and to be able to get an appointment the next day with a real psychologist? Hopewell Springs is a different kind of counseling place.


Last year I took my 15 y/o son to Hopewell Springs Counseling Center for treatment of anxiety. My son began Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (CBT) with Dr. Mike Ferenschak. Prior to beginning CBT, anxiety consumed my

son with all activities in life. It reached a point where things such as going to the movies, church, or talking to peers at school became too much to handle. He began to turn inwards and away from everything in life. As I knew that he was in crisis and needed help, I went on the internet and Googled anxiety and psychologist in South Jersey. I am so thankful that Hopewell Springs appeared during my search. After reviewing the credentials I called to see if I could make an appointment. I received a response back within 2 hours. A few days later my son met Dr. Mike for an initial visit. During that visit it was apparent that Dr. Mike was not only very qualified but he was very caring and concerned for my son. After the visit my son agreed to meet with Dr. Mike on a weekly basis. CBT treatment for anxiety is a structured process that helps patients begin to learn about their anxiety and about how to begin to control their own anxiety. I soon began to see subtle changes in my son. While the changes

were minor, I could see that the treatment was helping. After several months it was evident that Dr. Mike had helped my son begin his path toward taking hold of the anxiety and not allowing the anxiety to control him. I am proud to say that my son can now go to movies, interact with his peers and enjoy life as an adolescent should. This is all because of two

people; Dr. Mike and my son. While Dr. Mike has the education and training to help those in need, the one in need also has to work hard to get better. If you or someone you know are in need of help, I cannot recommend enough that you contact Dr. Mike. Lastly, thank you Dr. Mike for helping us get our son back."


They just get you, and they help so fast! Wish I came here

in my 20's


I saw 2 of the doctors here and trust me this is a special place. You will get private attention and treatment. I learned so much so I decided to come on here and share it. I went here a few years back and I'm doing well


Dr. Debbie is so smart and kind. She helped when nobody

else could. She still helps me...


Dr. Leibovitz: Thanks to you I am better than I have been in years.


I am so glad my primary care doc turned me on to this center. The therapy has really made a difference for my over-the-top worrying.


I was just so impressed with the whole experience. Personal care, smart psychologist doctors - I worked with Mike- and just a good result. if you need help go here!! its well worth it.


I wasn't going to write anything but I just wanted to say

thanks to Dr. Debbie cause she really is special.


I have been around the therapy block, and I can say this practice is different in that they actually care about me and my issues. You get what you pay for.


Dr. Mike is really good at what he does - he simply

helps people.


Dr. Dave is the kind of doctor you wished you could find

-he's a really down to earth and kind professional.


I am back to myself and living life again. Thanks so

much for the help and push in the right direction.


Dr. Ferenschak is patient, understanding, and really has

helped me live better


Simply the best help I have ever gotten for my mood



The therapy is structured, is challenging yet simple, and

hit all the right points for me and my depression issues.


Dr. Dave has helped me turn my life around - thank you

so much.


Superb Treatment at Hopewell Springs!


Dr. Leibovitz has been just fantastic in helping me get

through my anxiety issues. He is so compassionate and

knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone who is

suffering on their daily life.


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